About ME

Hello lovely visitor! My name is Max and I am an Artist from Berlin born and grown up here. I enjoy cosplay, classic movies, playing different instruments and conversations about topics like nuclear physics. Until my brother showed me all kind of games from the ones on the SNES, Game Boy, to the Playstation and PC, I have a deep bond to video games. Thats when I set myself the goal to build my own games. So, I started to programm my own little turn-based Arena RPG in Java, when I was 16.

I was so in love with the development of making games and see the happy faces when people where playing my games, that I decided to study Game Design at the BTK – University of Applied Science Europe, which I finished in february 2021.

There I started loving to make 3D-Models, especially characters. The whole process of sculpting, modelling, texturing until the character gets the right shape to the moment he feels alive is the best feeling you can get.



3D- Art, Pixel- Art ,  Level- and Game Design 



Brutus – Bachelor Project

Windwalker – University Project

Corona World – Game for Browser Ballett

Spiel das HKW – Game for Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

Chopperboy – University Project

Gemrock – University Project

A case for Watson – University Project

Contu – University Project

Talks and Presentations


Gamesfest – Narrative Design “A case for Watson” – Berlin 04/2019, Germany

Game Design @ University of Applied Science Europe – Yes! Bar Camp – Introduction to ZBrush – Berlin 12/2018

Additional Experience


Volunteer at Gamesweek Berlin, 04/2019

Game Tester at Yager (The Cycle), 08/2018

Game Tester at Yager (The Cycle), 06/2018

Game Tester at TreasureHunt Studio (Pet Paradise), 05/2018

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Additional Project

Vauth Sagel Interzum 2021 – 3D Artist & Level Designer