Dreamhack Beyond

Dreamhack Beyond

Dreamhack Beyond is an at-home, all-digital free interactive experience showcasing the best of DreamHack. Players can dive into the story of the mystical Sleepers by creating their own characters, completing the game’s narrative, looking for side quests and building up their XP, farming for items like Cheer Gear, and more!

DreamHack Beyond can be enjoyed anyway you like. With areas dedicated to game demos, cosplay, tournaments, and more, DreamHack is looking to go BEYOND the creative edge and create a one-of-a-kind online multiplayer experience.

My Role

My responcibilities where broad. At the beginning I mainly helpt the artist creating themes for the different halls and start creating moodboards for the artist and as a general understanding for the other departments. 

After that was done I worked on giving the individual halls there specific theme. I did that for “I want my RunicTV” and “A very normal Hive”. 

The next step was to build each individual hall, starting with a blockout continuing with refining and adding details in the end.


Based on the moodboards I started using Marmoset Hexels to create a first sketch for the levels. This was then reviewed and went through iteration processes until it was ready of getting blocked out with basic shapes and with the booth placed to get a first look.

After some iteration circles I went over the level and added details though out the whole area. While doing that I work close with the design team to make sure that all requirements regarding quests, npcs, loot and puzzles are fullfilled.

More Screenshots of the levels I build

Runic Hall 2

Runic Hall 4

Hive Hall 4

Kaiju Hall 5