Spiel das HKW

Spiel das HKW

“Spiel das HKW” or “Play the HKW” is a game we made for the Team of the “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” in Berlin. 
The goal was, to visualise the process and problems taking place in the house. To get the necessery information, we used about two months to pursue introspection. And then about two months to make the game and build an Arcade Machine.

More information about the arcade machine, you can find here!



Where are the Game Designers ?

The first prototype is a Point- and- Click- Adventure where I tested some colors, shapes and  tried to rebuild some locations base on photos we took.

You are able to inspect some objects, with a close up view and talk to three characters.

It includes three rooms, three characters, and some basic animations like idle, and talking.

Fox Game

The second prototype is a Jump and Run, where I made some nature and foliage. Here I also took some photo reference and added some more plants to the scene. 

You can explore the scene as a little fox with a briefcase, without any pressure, like time, enemies, or death traps. 
The focus lies on exploring and enjoying the environment. 

We added some little interactions into the one level you can play.

exhibition Simulator

The third Prototype is simulator, where you plan exhibitions and mangage your employees. 

You can manage your projects by investing more into “Planning”, “Advertisment” or “Building” and also choosing the topics you want to have in the exhibition. 

After your exhibition took place you get direct feedback by your visitors and via newspaper. 

Sadly I am not able to show the card game and gameplay footage of the prototypes.